Video Depositions

Video Deposition

Court Reporting and Video Deposition Services in Alabama

BOGGS MULTIMEDIA…providing Court Reporting and Video Deposition Services in Alabama since 1985.   Boggs Multimedia, a division of Boggs Reporting & Video llc, Huntsville Reporters and Alabama Reporters..  From VHS tapes to miniDV to true HD, we keep abreadst of the cutting edge technology in the video and film industry.  All video depositions are digital, we do not use tapes.  Instead, all recordings are directly to the hard drive in the camera meaning no stopping the deposition every hour for tape changes!!!

BMM specializes in video depositions with multiple camera picture in picture video depositions and Video to Text Synchronization.  BMM captures the video screen directly from the attorney’s laptop and displays the contents as a Picture in Picture (PIP) Video.  Great for displaying Google Earth, PDF document exhibits and Video’s of accident scenes.  Example:  One camera shot of the witness and a Picture in Picture .pdf police accident report from attorney laptop on the same video screen.


Video Deposition Picture in Picture

Video Deposition Picture in Picture

Clients are provided a DVD to view court reporter transcripts and video to text synced depositions using a standard DVD player or laptop for in-house or trial presentation.  Search important documents, review the deposition and extract key testimony from the video transcript.

Our Video to Text synchronization services comes with a DVD providing (1) Depoview – Video Review Software and (2) DVD – Digital Video Transcript.  The DVD plays in a standard DVD player for television or on your computer for playback in Trial Presentation.  The Depoview Review Software allows you to create and save video clips, search transcripts, view all exhibits and export synchronized video depositions to other programs.

Boggs Multimedia provides a full range of Litigation Support Services.  Our office building in downtown Montgomery, Alabama is just blocks away from the Federal Court House.  We offer two large conference rooms, high speed internet, document scanning, copying, imaging as well as airport pick-up and delivery services and private parking.    Our Media Production services includes capture and conversion to HD Digital files from VHS tapes, Hi8, Mini and Micro Cassette Audio tapes.

Boggs Multimedia offers Court Reporting and Video Deposition Services in Alabama including, Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile.Please call our offices for court reporting and video depositions.  334.220.9581 or