Video 2 Text Synchronization

Depoview Software

Boggs MultiMedia provides in-house video 2 text synchronization. The DepoView™ Transcript software is the newest and easiest way to review, search and extract key testimony from your video deposition transcript. Export to popular programs like TrialDirector®, Summation® and Sanction® and more…Output options are to DVD or digital file onto a usb 3.0 flash drive.

DepoView™  has new clip editing and clip export tools, which add even more value to Digital Video Transcripts.

  • Easy to use word index instantly hyperlinks you to crucial portions of the testimony
  • Just highlight the transcript to make video clips
  • Export clips to PowerPoint with synchronized text
  • Export to other major programs like TrialDirector, Summation and Sanction
  • Search & jump to any keyword
  • Copy & paste key testimony excerpts for use in summaries, motions & briefs
  • View exhibits related to the deposition
  • View video transcript testimony synchronized to the deposition text
  • Create single and multi-segment clips
  • Export clips to MPEG1 format
  • Email videos of clips
  • Export clips to PowerPoint® with synchronized text in three easy steps:
  • 1.) Highlight Text
  • 2.) Make Clip
  • 3.) Click export to PowerPoint®

Features include:

  • Video transition at the beginning and end of each clip (and all segments within the clip)
  • Different slide layouts
  • Professional designed Color schemes